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Prequalified Supplier for the following Consultancy Services:
Asset Management (LB 280)
Project Management – Civil Infrastructure (LB 279)
Engineering & Environmental (LB 312)
Planning, Surveying, Design & Architecture (BUS 265)


Since 2016, SHEPHERD have been delivering innovative asset management, civil engineering and disaster recovery solutions for better roads to local authorities throughout Australia.

We combine our extensive hands-on asset management, GIS, engineering, and project management experience with innovative thinking and technology to create practical and powerful tools that enable clients to make informed business decisions.

Our exceptional team deliver integrated and proven services in the areas of:

  • Asset Accounting and Valuations
  • Asset Management and GIS
  • Civil and Disaster Recovery
  • Road Management Systems (RACAS®)

Our flagship product RACAS® (Road Asset Condition Assessment System) unlocks a wealth of data-driven opportunities for our clients and elevates our services from conventional to transformative.

Our RACAS® technology provides a powerful data set that informs the entire business from asset management to road management to disaster preparedness and recovery.

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