Onsite with Civil and Disaster – Greater Bendigo

Driving asset excellence, our Civil and Disaster Recovery Team are onsite assisting the City of Greater Bendigo with an engineering inspection and damage assessment following storms and flooding that commenced Christmas Eve 2023.

Understanding that time is critical, our team mobilised to site in one day and have engaged additional staff locally to bolster an efficient pick-up.

To maximise available funding, we are using our RACAS® technology to accurately capture damage to the region’s 3,000km sealed and unsealed road network.  We are also manually inspecting culverts and have adapted to using Council’s own in-house inspection platform Konect.

By providing a true indication of the damage created, we can deliver the best result for Council and see roads restored as quickly as possible for the community.

  • CATEGORIES Civil and Disaster Recovery (DRFA)
  • CLIENT City of Greater Bendigo