Onsite with Civil and Disaster – Cassowary Coast

Driving asset excellence, our Civil and Disaster Recovery and RACAS® teams have successfully assisted Cassowary Coast Regional Council to be the first Council in North Queensland to make a Disaster Recovery Funding submission to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority in the wake of TC Jasper.

SHEPHERD had boots on the ground within days of the major flood event that impacted nine local government areas over the Christmas period last year.

Within twelve days, our RACAS® Team had collected evidence of damage on all accessible flood affected roads.  Using proven GIS enabled field technology our Civil and Disaster Recovery Inspectors have already collected 30% of the network,  assessing the extensive damage to road and stormwater assets.

Given the extent of this event, being the first through the gate with a submission gives Council the best chance of opening roads sooner and helping the local community and industries get back on track.

  • CATEGORIES Civil and Disaster Recovery (DRFA)
  • CLIENT Cassowary Coast Regional Council