The SHEPHERD Team offer unique comprehensive valuations that are based on sound asset construction methodologies and industry experience to ensure financial and engineering compliance.

Key steps we undertake completing comprehensive valuation are:

  • Asset registers are verified between financial and GIS software packages;
  • Site inspections to condition rate all assessable infrastructure are undertaken by appropriate team members. This may include Road Asset Condition Assessments and Modelling, Drainage, Kerb and Footpaths or Water and Sewer asset inspections;
  • Unit rates developed through past project costings or by first principles;
  • Useful lives are reviewed and verified taking into account Council’s service levels. Useful lives are also reviewed against condition data to ensure the desired life is being achieved;
  • A detailed methodology and Excel workbook is provided, showing all data used in the valuation; and
  • Assistance with loading data back into Council’s system.

If requested, we can also be onsite when the Auditors review the asset financials. We have experience in many financial platforms and can assist in loading valuation data into systems.

We also provide additional End of Year assistance to meet financial requirements, thorough project capitalisations are conducted breaking assets into appropriate components, indexations, system uploads and balancing and reporting.

At key stages our team workshop results with engineering and financial staff to ensure an accurate representation of infrastructure costs. We utilise highly detailed processes to complete our valuation services ensuring all data can be utilised in Strategic Asset Management modelling to ensure long-term financial sustainability is met.