I recommend the SHEPHERD team for asset data collection projects based on our recent experience and the very high level of service we received.  We were always kept up to date on how the project was progressing and all our requests were handled quickly and professionally.

The project was delivered on time, on budget and the data was presented exactly how we wanted it.  A great result which makes doing our job easier.

Justin Hancock, Director of Corporate Services Carpentaria Shire Council

Our initial work with SHEPHERD was to challenge our thinking regarding unsealed maintenance grading. Since then we’ve worked with them to review and improve Council’s Road Service Delivery by employing a more practical and affordable approach to maintenance and renewal programs.

As a result, we now survey our road network every two years with RACAS and use the data, as well as our agreed service level interventions, to inform future maintenance works programming.

In 2020/21, we hope to install RACAS units to all overseers’ vehicles so they can assess ride, roughness and condition automatically instead of by visual inspection and manual recording. This strategic approach through embracing new technology for asset management ensures we make the most of our available budget each year.

Tekohi Rivera, Former Director Infrastructure Services Lachlan Shire Council

The SHEPHERD team has provided an extensive range of engineering services to councils in the Mackay region for over 15 years, from strategic management of our roads and drainage assets to natural disaster flood damage assessments and submissions to management of our unsealed roads network. Their professionalism, extensive knowledge and broad experience in providing innovative and practical engineering advice has assisted Council to advance and significantly improve the standard of its road and drainage networks.

Andrew Gibbs, Manager Civil Operations Mackay Regional Council

We are very impressed with the Road Service Levels and modelling developed by SHEPHERD using their unique Road Asset Condition Assessment System (RACAS) and tools.

Their presentation to Council received strong buy-in from the whole organisation and the information provided has informed this year’s budget bid for our sealed and unsealed roads network.

John McDougall, Acting Director Infrastructure Services Banana Shire Council

It’s refreshing to find an organisation like SHEPHERD who work with you to find practical solutions that can ultimately be managed by our team.

SHEPHERD’s understand our industry and are able to bridge the gap between engineering and accounting by developing audit compliant Asset Management Plans.

Importantly, with each project our internal capability continues to develop which enables our team to maintain Council’s systems on a daily basis.

Ken Timms, Director Corporate Services Murweh Shire Council

Banana Shire Council has a long-standing work history with the SHEPHERD Team, and we have always been extremely happy with the service they provide.

SHEPHERD recently completed our 2018/19 Comprehensive Revaluation for Roads, Airports and Drainage Assets. We have a high level of confidence in the data provided which enables robust discussion and helps us to make informed business decisions.

Mariana Rutten, Asset Management Coordinator Banana Shire Council

I trust the SHEPHERD Team and know I can reply on their expert advice.  They are professional asset managers and work alongside our team to deliver on our requirements – every time.

Aaron Meehan, General Manager Infrastructure South Burnett Regional Council

It is my pleasure to most highly recommend SHEPHERD to anyone seeking Professional Consulting Engineering Services. Over a period of a few years working with the Principals from SHEPHERD, I have always been able to count on prompt and diligent service, expert advice and counsel, and steadfast results – without complication or unexpected cost impact.

Our Council is a rural remote one and has difficulty attracting specialist services. For this reason we have engaged and partnered with SHEPHERD in a Bureau Service arrangement for near approaching three years now. This has been an extremely positive experience both for Councillors, Finance and Engineering professionals within Council.

We have and continue to work with partners Steve and Darren, and their staff, who are all highly skilled and effective engineers, with great attitudes and a work ethic which complements their intense dedication to a demanding industry.

SHEPHERD’s high standard of excellence to any project and level of service to the client is unmatched. In my thirty plus years of working with and for engineers, I have not yet had the pleasure of working with a more creative and energetic team. SHEPHERD is absolutely the best in the business.

Bradley Pyle, Manager Finance Goondiwindi Regional Council