The SHEPHERD Team are leaders in practical Infrastructure Asset Management.  We combine engineering principles with sound business and economic practice to develop systematic processes for the effective operation, maintenance, upgrade and renewal of assets.

At SHEPHERD we understand that the management of infrastructure assets is a critical issue for both the public sector and industry, particularly in regional and remote Australia where specialist skills, experience and tools are less accessible.

It is this understanding that drives us to strengthen existing asset management practices with innovative and affordable solutions for our clients.

We strive to assist our clients to employ asset management practices that will ensure their infrastructure meets the required level of service, in the most cost-effective way, over the life of the asset.

Our qualified team provide practical and cost saving solutions to optimise asset management plans and asset lifecycles.  We work alongside your team to develop capabilities within your organisation, ensuring your people have the confidence to continue projects and programs independently.

Our range of Asset Management Services includes:

  • Asset Infrastructure Strategic Planning
  • Asset Management Systems Analysis and Development
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Asset Register and Data Validation
  • Infrastructure Asset Inspections and Condition Assessments
  • Service Level Determination, Measurements and Costing

At SHEPHERD we are happy to work with your current Asset Management and GIS systems, as our approach is independent of software and product vendors.


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the most effective tools for decision making within all government sectors.  Analysing attribute data and visualising location against other key information is critical to correctly evaluating problems and determining trends.

Business critical decisions are made based on this analysis, therefore the integrity, reliability, accuracy, completeness and consistency of data collection methods can all lead to potentially erroneous decisions being made.

At SHEPHERD we utilise the GIS system to be the single point of truth for information. We can assist you in developing or maintaining accurate and comprehensive spatial databases from the ground-up.

Our skilled and experienced team can help you reach your business goals and establish a powerful tool to assist in the creation of automated reports for effective decision making.

SHEPHERD is a trusted Esri partner and our RACAS platform is powered by ArcGIS Hub. Bringing together our years of experience with local and state government and our in depth knowledge of the ArcGIS platform, SHEPHERD is perfectly positioned to provide all your GIS support needs.

The SHEPHERD Team works with all mainstream GIS packages,  including ESRI, MapInfo, QGIS.

Our range of GIS Services include:

  • GIS Consultancy and Support
  • GIS Strategy, Feasibility and Needs Assessment
  • Customised GIS Software Solutions
  • GIS Skills Training
  • Spatial Database Reviews or Building Databases
  • Decision Making Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Spatial Data Capture
  • GPS and Conventional Survey Methods For Asset Location and Data Pickup

Asset Management Bureau Service

Our Asset Management Bureau Service was introduced in response to the needs of our clients and provides access to a qualified team with specialised skills in asset management, condition assessment, valuations and GIS.

Delivered over a fixed term, the Bureau Service is customised to help you achieve your Asset Management goals and identify operational cost savings.  Services available include:

  • Review of Existing Asset, Finance, Mapping Data and Systems
  • Develop Asset Management Strategy and Improvement Plan
  • Develop an Asset Management System
  • Develop Asset Management Plans
  • Road Condition Assessment – Sealed and Unsealed Networks, Resulting in:
    • Capture High Resolution Imagery and GPS Data
    • Integrate Road Data Into Council’s GIS System
    • Assess Road Network Into International Roughness Index (IRI) Ranges
    • Log Major Defects For Maintenance Works Programming
    • End-To-End Management And Handling Of Council’s Infrastructure Assets, Including:
    • Assist Capitalisation of New and Contributed Assets
    • Assist Auditing Requirements For Asset Management and Depreciation
    • Assist End Of Year Asset Financial Compliance and Revaluation Methodology
    • Assist Annual Grants Reporting
    • Update Asset Register
    • GIS Mapping of New Assets
  • Coordinate Quarterly Asset Management Steering Committee Group Meetings
  • Submit Quarterly Asset Management Status Reports
  • Mentor Staff in Asset Management to Enhance Internal Capacity

Regional Roads and Transport Groups

We also offer Technical Coordination services to Regional Roads and Transport Groups (RRTG),  including:

  • Coordination and management of the RRTG activities to improve the knowledge, decision making, capability and efficiency of member councils;
  • Implement practices within the RRTG to develop regional investment strategies in road network planning and prioritisation;
  • Develop sound asset management practice within the RRTG;
  • Assist the RRTG to set out its strategy to build and maintain the overall capability within their group;
  • Maximise benefits from new initiatives in joint purchasing and resource sharing;
  • Provide regular detailed reports to respective stakeholders RRTG, TC, RTA and DTMR; and
  • In conjunction with the RRTG, maintain up-to-date standards, policies and procedures.

At SHEPHERD we stand by the quality of work delivered by our experienced team and warrant the service you will receive.  If there’s a problem we will solve it, if an error is ours we will fix it.

Our quality and OHS management systems are third party assessed and we have attained our Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015 certification and OHS ISO 45001:2018 certification.

If you need assistance managing your project, coordinating a working group or require a relief placement to supplement your team, talk to us today.