Shepherd Services Pty Ltd has been proudly assisting Local Government with specialist asset management and GIS services since its inception by founder Darren Shepherd in 2000.

The SHEPHERD Team has built a trusted reputation for delivering expert advice, proven systems and practical training to improve operational efficiencies, saving councils valuable time and money.

The opportunity to capitalise on SHEPHERD’s growth potential was realised in 2016 when the company welcomed new partner Les Edmistone, an executive management professional who today performs the role of General Manager Civil Operations.

With over 30 years’ experience in State and Local Government, Les is well connected within the industry and well respected for his proven track record of delivering large-scale civil infrastructure projects.

In 2017, Registered Professional Civil Engineer Stephen Hegedus became the third partner at SHEPHERD and today performs the role of General Manager Client and Corporate Services.  A former Local Government Chief Executive Officer and Engineering Director with over 30 years’ experience, Stephen has extensive expertise in strategic asset management planning.

In 2019, the new SHEPHERD corporate brand was launched to reflect the growth of the business, its continued innovation, and its energetic and positive team.

In 2023, Darren left the business to pursue other opportunities and as part of its succession plan SHEPHERD welcomed Registered Professional Civil Engineer Steven Forbes as a new partner. With over 25 years’ experience in Local Government, Steven has extensive experience in Asset Management and Project Management and performs the role of General Manager Asset Services.

Steven’s addition to the SHEPHERD Board of Directors promises an exciting new era for our business and marks the next chapter in SHEPHERD’s continued growth.