We Go Beyond Compliance

At SHEPHERD we understand Local Government because we are from Local Government. Our team, from partners to technical officers, have their roots in the industry, crafted their skills there and formed their passion for creating better communities there.

That is why we look beyond compliance and can see the bigger picture – financially strong councils delivering better outcomes for local communities.  It is what drives us.

We Link Asset Accounting with Engineering

As engineers who specialise in asset management we have a unique skill set and ability to align financial accountability with practical service delivery outcomes.

We Never Stop Innovating

The unique challenges faced by our clients, particularly those in regional areas, sparks our creativity; ensuring that we never stop innovating.

We Deliver Quality Data

We believe the best decision making processes are informed by quality data with the highest level of information integrity.  So, we develop specialist services and tools that provide quality data to ensure the best possible interpretation.

We Build Capacity

We enjoy working with regional and remote councils and building their internal capability by sharing our asset accounting, engineering and GIS expertise, systems and tools.

The opportunity to build internal capacity is also why we prefer to build longer-term relationships with our clients.

We Advocate and Influence Industry Standards

Through our industry standing, reputation for excellence and professional memberships we actively promote practical solutions and methods, and campaign for our client’s needs to enhance current best practice.