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RACAS (Road Asset Condition Assessment System) is an innovative, powerful, flexible and affordable road asset management tool. We have built RACAS from the ground up, to be simple and adaptable and to collect a whole array of data that can be easily exported into most common platforms.

Assisting Local Government with Flood Damage data capture and engineering assessment since 2008

Shepherd Services is committed to helping Councils and other Organisations operate efficiently by providing proven and practical systems along with training and expertise that will save them time and money.

Specialists in Asset, Infrastructure and GIS Management

All Local Governments and Utility Service Providers face the challenges of effective asset and infrastructure management. Having timely and accurate infrastructure location and attribute data is crucial to the success of any infrastructure planning or development initiative. Shepherd Services offers expert and comprehensive consulting services for the implementation, maintenance or development of asset management and GIS projects as separate or integral services.

Asset Management

Shepherd Services aims to assist clients develop and implement good asset management practices that will ensure their infrastructure meet the required level of service, in the most cost-effective way, over the whole life-cycle of the asset. To achieve this end, engineering principles are combined with sound business and economic practices to develop systematic processes for the effective operation, maintenance, upgrading and renewal of assets.

Asset Management services we provide ;

• Asset infrastructure strategic planning
• Asset Management plans
• Life cycle costing
• Asset registers
• Decision making analysis
• Infrastructure valuations
• Financial reporting
• Risk management
• Maintenance Management Systems development
• Skills & techniques training.

GIS and Spatial Data Collection

Effective decision making, planning and management requires accurate, comprehensive and easily accessible information and data. With GIS to store and maintain asset attribute information and location, a user can visualise the spatial relationship between assets as well as view and interrogate attributes about the assets in a single system. Integration of information and data from other sources can also be made accessible from within the GIS. Using a GIS as a single point of information access for an organisation provides the users with a powerful tool for effective decision making. Shepherd Services can assist you in achieving the GIS goals and requirements for your organisation.

Any decision making process is only as useful or reliable as the information it was based on so it is important to ensure information is collected in such a way to provide high levels of integrity and reliability. Shepherd Services team uses information and data collection methods and processes to obtain high levels of integrity with the collection of object location and attribute information.

GIS and Spatial Data Collection services we provide ;

  • GIS consultancy and support
  • GIS strategy, feasibility and needs assessment
  • GIS skills training
  • Spatial database building
  • Decision making analysis
  • Application development
  • Customised GIS solutions
  • Mobile mapping
  • Spatial data capture
  • GPS and conventional survey methods for asset location and data pickup

We have an independent approach free from software or product vendors in both Asset Management and GIS and will work with whatever systems you currently use or adopt.