Central Highlands Regional Council NDRRA Project

Central Highlands Regional Council was activated for Restoration Essential Public Assets because of 2017’s Tropical Cyclone Debbie and currently has an approved scope of works to a value of $40 million.

Council engaged SHEPHERD in August 2018 to provide project management support to deliver and acquit the balance of its $40 million 2017 NDRRA approved flood restoration works by 30 June 2019.

To meet the key objectives of this project, the SHEPHERD team:

  • Assessed the current project delivery logistics and amend as required to ensure adequate resources in place to meet project delivery timeframe;
  • Worked alongside Council staff as well as contractors to form an efficient and effective project delivery team;
  • Adopted a risk and compliance-based project management style;
  • Openly and regularly communicated with all project key stakeholders;
  • Provided project management support across the three areas of Planning, Delivery and Close Out;
  • Provided expert support, advice and recommendations to ensure the procurement of value for money project resources;
  • Used our NDRRA experience and engineering expertise to develop project delivery specifications that meet all relevant guidelines;
  • Acted as Council’s representative to oversee the delivery of contracted works;
  • Closely monitored and inspected works to ensure completion in accordance with relevant specifications;
  • Used our systems technology to streamline reporting and compliance, and ensure regular acquittal;
  • Facilitated a smooth close out process ensuring all QRA requirements are met; and
  • Reported against project milestones, including variances and updates, on a fortnightly and monthly basis as required by project stakeholders.

The Works were delivered by Council Day Labour Teams and external contractors.

  • CATEGORIES DRFA Disaster Recovery Project Management
  • CLIENT Central Highlands Regional Council