A Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the most effective tools for decision making within all government sectors.  Analysing attribute data and visualising location against other key information is critical to correctly evaluating problems and determining trends.

Business critical decisions are made based on this analysis, therefore the integrity, reliability, accuracy, completeness and consistency of data collection methods can all lead to potentially erroneous decisions being made.

At SHEPHERD we utilise the GIS system to be the single point of truth for information. We can assist you in developing or maintaining accurate and comprehensive spatial databases from the ground-up.

Our skilled and experienced team can help you reach your business goals and establish a powerful tool to assist in the creation of automated reports for effective decision making.

The SHEPHERD Team works with all mainstream GIS packages,  including ESRI, MapInfo, QGIS.

Our range of GIS Services include:

  • GIS Consultancy and Support
  • GIS Strategy, Feasibility and Needs Assessment
  • Customised GIS Solutions
  • GIS Skills Training
  • Spatial Database Reviews or Building Databases
  • Decision Making Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Mapping
  • Spatial Data Capture
  • GPS and Conventional Survey Methods For Asset Location and Data Pickup