At SHEPHERD we are proud of our outstanding reputation for assisting councils to deliver multi-million dollar engineering projects cost-effectively and on time.

Our core project management services relating to major projects include:

  • Compliance and risk-based project management;
  • Developing scope of works, schedules and specifications;
  • Resource procurement including tender documentation and assessment;
  • Project scheduling and milestone reporting;
  • Contractor liaison and performance management;
  • Budget oversight to ensure value for money delivery;
  • Technical data capture and submission to the regulator in required format;
  • Submission preparation and development;
  • Relationship management and liaison with funding regulators;
  • Technical inspection and assessment of works in progress;
  • Gravel Pit Approval/Compliance;
  • Performance reporting to Council; and
  • Audit and acquittal of the project.

Regional Roads and Transport Groups

We also offer Technical Coordination services to Regional Roads and Transport Groups (RRTG),  including:

  • Coordination and management of the RRTG activities to improve the knowledge, decision making, capability and efficiency of member councils;
  • Implement practices within the RRTG to develop regional investment strategies in road network planning and prioritisation;
  • Develop sound asset management practice within the RRTG;
  • Assist the RRTG to set out its strategy to build and maintain the overall capability within their group;
  • Maximise benefits from new initiatives in joint purchasing and resource sharing;
  • Provide regular detailed reports to respective stakeholders RRTG, TC, RTA and DTMR; and
  • In conjunction with the RRTG, maintain up-to-date standards, policies and procedures.

At SHEPHERD we stand by the quality of work delivered by our experienced team and warrant the service you will receive.  If there’s a problem we will solve it, if an error is ours we will fix it.

Our quality management system is third party assessed and we have attained our Quality Assurance ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

If you need assistance managing your project, coordinating a working group or require a relief placement to supplement your team, talk to us today.