SHEPHERD’s Roads Maintenance Management System provides a consistent approach to managing maintenance requests and expectations of the road users while at the same time optimising annual maintenance budgets.

Based on strategic asset management principles, our system involves the monitoring of defined service levels of surface and pavement conditions. This is achieved through regular inspections of road assets and the scheduling of maintenance to be undertaken when the surface and pavement conditions meets or exceeds the assigned condition service level interventions.

The system applies the asset management principles of:

  • Identify service levels, measure and report on them;
  • Budget modelling to understand the long-term financial results;
  • Stakeholder engagement to inform Council and the community the financial and practical impacts of service levels;
  • Measure and monitor Key Performance Indicators; and
  • Continuous improvement loop to refine operational techniques.

Our hands-on and cooperative approach with the councils we work with enables us to combine  practical knowledge and experience with technical assessments and modelling tools.

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Case Study – Mackay Regional Council

Mackay Regional Council has managed its unsealed road network using SHEPHERD’s Unsealed Road Maintenance Management System (URMMS) since 2008.

Over the last ten years Council has continued to refine its Service Delivery Model utilising URMMS by investing significant effort to review, analyse and improve its approach to the delivery of unsealed road surface condition and gravel pavement services.

Improvements achieved include reducing annual road deterioration by 55%, maintaining an average gravel coverage by length of 91%, better performing roads in wet weather and securing a 50% increase to the annual unsealed roads maintenance budget over the last three years.

Today Mackay Regional Council is a recognised leader in the strategic management of unsealed road networks, delivering an equitable and value for money service that provides longer lasting, safer and more accessible rural roads for its local communities.